Utah Adventures

I’m finally getting around to posting some pics from my April adventures in Utah! S- and I both had some work to do on this trip, so we didn’t get in quite as much camping as hoped… but it was still fantastic!

We went to…

  • Green River (good place to stop north of Moab)
  • Arches Nat’l Park (Too! Many! Tourists!)
  • Manti-La Sal (South)
  • Fishlake Wilderness (I wanted way more time here)
  • the “Little Big Canyon” (my name for it)

Where are your favorite places to go off-roading? Leave a comment or tell me on Twitter!

The first night, we camped at the Green River in very simple surrounds.

Next up on our trip, camping near Devil’s Canyon — even though all the campgrounds were closed!

Driving … driving … driving … and then we found rock paintings!

These people were clearly skilled artists. Much better stick figures than I can draw.

And finally reached our main destination.

It was 75 and a perfect sunny day, so I was riding around topless in the Jeep…

No, I’m not showing you a topless pic! What kind of site do you think this is?
“Little Canyon” eh? Pfft!

… and then it got cold! Next thing we knew, high desert hail storm! Very romantic! Not! So we bundled up and hunkered down for a few days and it was splendid. Hot cocoa and roasted marshmallows in the high desert, with a surprise live-music performance echoing off the canyons at sunset …

And, finally, the four of us drove home…

From the left – that’s Edna, the traveling Echidna, who followed me home from Perth a long time ago, and Didi the Sparkle-Dragon who joined us in Moab.

Until the next adventure…


Conference Firsts

It’s important for me to acknowledge the first times that I do Personally Important Things.

This is part of how I cope with anxiety and keep depression at bay – once I do the thing (what ever it is), I’m a whole lot less afraid of doing it again after that.

Each accomplishment is appended to a mental list which I started in my early 20’s.

Each one gives me more courage to know that I can do the next Important Thing.

… me giving a talk on Bias in Machine Learning …

So… last week, I did two (yes TWO!!) anxiety-producing-but-also-awesome-I’m-really-proud-of-myself things:
– wore my collar at a conference
– said “I’m trans” on stage

Yup. I did that. Go me!