The Job Hunt Is Over

3 minute read Published: 2019-10-05

It’s been a month now since I signed an employment contract with Microsoft.

You read that correctly — the giant tech company which I swore, back in the 90’s, I would never work for. Even though most of my colleagues have been very encouraging, even reminding me that Microsoft isn’t as monopolistic or walled-off as it once was, there are still some things which bear clarification (especially for any readers that have known me during the OpenStack or MySQL days).

Gender Markers

3 minute read Published: 2019-08-13

(content warning: gender issues and gender-based violence, no specifics but still may be difficult for some)

Yesterday, the Washington State Department of Licensing held a public hearing for comments on the proposed legislation to add an ‘X’ gender marker option on state-issued ID’s. I chose to go and stand up for all the non-binary, intersex, and transgender members of my communities.

Rebuilding my miniserver

1 minute read Published: 2019-05-29

What's in a Name?

2 minute read Published: 2019-03-15

A MAN IN A frock held up his right hand and said a few words, and I got to fill out some paperwork. It is strange that this process makes me feel better about myself. I abhor paperwork.

What Happened To OpenStack

8 minute read Published: 2019-03-02

The project is still quite healthy and is following the usual hype curve: OpenStack is finally mature enough that it’s less interesting to talk about, so it’s understandable that people think something happened.

The folks asking me this question are generally curios and good intentioned, and I think my answer says a lot about my professional background, so even during an interview I indulge in a short ramble.

I know, I know … I should have written about it at the time, but I had other things going on and wasn’t making space in my life to write. So I’ve decided to revisit the topic today. Next time someone asks me, I’ll just point them here 😉