Open Source Security Policy Conundrum

10 minute read Published: 2023-01-19

Policy makers in both the US and the EU are currently debating several efforts to improve the security of digital infrastructure, including broad new regulations such as SOSSA and the CRA. In light of high profile recent events, we are all aware that open source software is a critical part of software infrastructure as a whole. Security issues related to popular open source projects are in the news and in policy conversations. As open source professionals, we hope that policy makers carefully consider the distinction between open source projects and products.

Answers to Luis Villa's Four Questions

4 minute read Published: 2021-03-11

Luis Villa posted a series of questions on for this year's OSI Board Nominees to answer.

In this post, I share my thoughts.

Open Source Initiative: 2021 Platform

7 minute read Published: 2021-02-21

This is my official announcement post for my candidacy for the OSI Board of Directors in 2021. Read on for the description of my platform and goals. This post is shared on my personal site and on the 2021 OSI Board Elections page.