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defcon 2019 !

hi, i’m æva! i’m queer, an incurable geek, novice off-road enthusiast, open source software developer, and a lifelong student of the dharma

events in my life in 2016 inspired me to get louder about what matters to me – lgbtq rights, digital privacy, decentralized networks, and consent culture – and to put that into action and seek ways to build safer spaces for my communities. you can find my thoughts on those topics on this blog, on twitter, and in my public talks.

current projects

in 2019, MS led the formation of the confidential computing consortium – a linux foundation project dedicated to securing applications and data through the use of hardware enclaves. i am currently the open source program manager for the azure confidential computing team, and one of azure’s liaisons to the ccc. meanwhile, i continue to work with the cncf and kubernetes, and even still a tiny bit with openstack. even though i have a PM title now, in my heart i’m just a rusty developer.

past projects

back in 2012, i started openstack ironic. it’s a cloud – but you get bare metal servers instead of virtual servers! i think that’s uproariously funny… but i’m a better engineer than comedian…

anyway, i couldn’t be more proud that the project, and the team, which i started have continued to serve the world after i moved on.

before openstack, i did mysql consulting at Percona, and worked on a few other projects you might be familiar with

on this site

you can find my personal blog (see the nav bar on the right) and links to more of my activity around the web