hi, i’m æva

i’m a queer geek and an open source software developer who drives a bad-ass jeep

i believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, that humans evolved to automate and share tools, that all religions point to a common truth, and that we all have the potential to be more than what society tells us to be

the political mess that is 2019 inspired me to get loud about what matters – trans rights, digital privacy, decentralized networks, and consent culture – and to put that into action by building safer spaces for my communities

you’ll find more of my thoughts on those topics on this blog, on twitter & mastodon, and in my public talks

current work

microsoft has launched a new project to enable the growth of open source confidential computing tools. i’m presently diving in to the confidential computing consortium to help make this technology available to everyone! … stay tuned until I come up for air 😉

past projects

back in 2012, i started OpenStack Ironic. it’s a cloud – but you get bare metal servers instead of virtual servers! i think that’s funny… but i’m a better engineer than comedian … the project continues to be widely used to manage large fleets of servers, from research centers like CERN to telecoms like Verizon

before that i did mysql consulting, and worked on a few other projects you might be familiar with