This site is a work in progress! Just like me! <3

I gather odd hobbies –
– Off-roading in my Jeep
– blowing Zen nonsense into my Shakuhachi
– remaining a novice at Mandarin and Sanskrit
– running my own servers because social media is destroying discourse

Ironic’s mascot, “Pixie Boots” the Heavy Metal Bear

I got started in tech as a teenage gamer, tinkering with the first edition of the Unreal Engine. Then I poked at MySQL from 2004 – 2012, and dove into OpenStack after that.

I started the coolest little-known open source project that powers the datacenters of really big projects (like CERN) and companies (like Verizon)!

If you want to know more …. my full resume is at aeva dot online slash cv dot pdf

Through all of this, I have been obsessed with rel a tiv ity in its many forms, and fascinated by the phenomena of emergence . We’re in another one right now!

Today, I’m diving into Machine Learning — and deeply concerned for how it is already amplifying bias in powerful (yet invisible) ways all around us.

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