Hi there ;-)

I’m an open source software developer at heart, a strong believer that a rising tide lifts all boats and that all humans have the potential to be more than what society encourages us to be. Over the past 20 years, I’ve worn many hats while working in both tech startups and tech giants.

The political mess that is 2019 has finally inspired me to get loud about what matters to me, so I’m focusing on building connections and advocating for online privacy and a decentralized, non-monetized internet. And, well, just trying to survive …

Stuff I Love

  • off-roading & camping in my Jeep!!!
  • collecting odd hobbies, like the shakuhachi
  • dancing to, and DJ’ing, electronic music
  • vidya games! (currently playing Elite Dangerous)
  • yoga & dharma
Pixie Boots – the heavy metal bear!

I once started the coolest OpenStack project!

It’s called Ironic… ’cause it gives you a real server when you ask the cloud for a virtual server! *bah dum bum*

… I know… who’d ever expect that the cloud would give you a real server? 🙂

I started Ironic because I believe that physical hardware should be managed the same way as any other modern cloud-based infrastructure (eg. through declarative code), whether that hardware lives in your data center or your closet. It took a few years of hard work and collaboration from folks all over the world, but we built Ironic with support for all the major hardware vendors. Of course, in addition to proprietary extensions like iLO and DRAC, it supports all the open standards like IPMI and RedFish.

These days, I’m not working on Ironic any more. I’ve been pursuing a few other hobbies for a while, involving myself in local communities, and speaking up a lot more about social problems. Oh, and camping!

Where will I go on my next adventure? Follow me on Twitter and find out 😉