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Profile photo of me with a side shave, purple hair, and glasses on a grey background

Hi there!

My name's Aeva ("AY-vuh"), I am non-binary, and my pronouns are "they" and "them". It's nice to meet you 😄

I'm incurably geeky and incorrigably inquisitive, which may be why I'm also a chronically poor sleeper. I am politically queer because there is no other ethical choice, and I'm queer just because that's who I am. My early years spanned several cultures and languages - Dutch Catholic, and Jewish, and Hindi - and after twenty years studying the Buddha Dharma, I carry on practicing my own mix of it all. I'm also a survivor of a long-term disability, and I'm trans.

I came out in 2017 - in the beginning of the Trump administration. To my own surprise, circumstances then left me jobless and without health insurance for a year. While I'm thankful for the chance to reflect on and re-contextualize my life, I'm even more grateful to the friends and family who supported me along the way!

So ... yes, I talk openly about being transgender (offline, online, and even on stage). Had I had healthier role models growing up, I might have avoideda lot of suffering growing up. Being trans, coming out as trans, especially mid-career, is a complicated and confusing business, and also an intensely personal one. Everyone's journey is different. I'm in a pretty great place these days, happier in my body than I've ever been.

I've had (and continue to have) a thriving career building technology, mostly infrastructure things and sometimes security things. Sometimes I talk about that publicly, too!

You can usually find a list of upcoming public appearances on my media page.