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A photo of a non-binary person with large breasts, olive skin, purple hair and a side shave, who is wearing dark glasses and a leather jacket and standing in front of a red and white triumph bonneville.

NAME: aeva black

AGE: about 40

HAIR COLOR: changes frequently

EYE COLOR: changes infrequently

GENDER: irrelevant

PRONOUN: they/them

LOCATION: seattle, wa

Aeva Black is CISA’s Open Source Security Lead. In their previous role, Aeva led open source security strategy in Microsoft Azure’s Office of the CTO, held the Vice Chair role on the OpenSSF’s Technical Advisory Committee, and served on the board of the Open Source Initiative. Throughout the past twenty years, they have held leading roles in several large open source projects, led development teams at HP, IBM, and at a couple startups, and been a regular speaker at global open source conferences. Aeva is also an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and a regular volunteer at community organizations around Seattle, where they have lived since 2012.