Recent Talks, Public Appearances, and Notable Media

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I've included links to video recordings where publicly available. Some listed events were private, or given with the understanding that they would not be recorded. All events in reverse chronological order (newest at the top).


All prior content was published under my previous name and gender.
Details available by respectful request.

2005 - 2011: Semi-annual talks about MySQL Replication and Scalability.

2011 - 2017: Many talks about OpenStack and Bare Metal Clouds at events around the world.

Upcoming Talks

19 MayRSAConferenceDoing the Safety Dance: Will Confidential Computing Protect Us?
6 MayKubeCon KeynoteShaping Kubernetes Community Culture
4 MayCloud Native Security DayIntroducing Confidential Computing


22 JanuaryDiscoPosse Podcast AppearanceThe Confidential Computing Consortium and Digital Privacy
16 JanuaryAASECT Training @ AntiochEducational Panel - perspective on queer and trans experience


4 DecemberConfidential Computing WebinarsIntroduction: Protecting Data In Use
19 NovemberKubeCon North AmericaCommunity Update: Code of Conduct Committee (video)
14 NovemberSeaGLCrossing the Gender Divide
2 OctoberAzure Security PodcastConfidential Computing
28 SeptemberMicrosoft invited presentation"Crossing the Gender Divide"
22 AugustDiana InitiativeHow to See Your Own Perception Bias (video)
20 AugustKubeCon EuropePanel: Security is not a Unicorn (video)
29 JuneOpen Source SummitHow to See Your Own Perception Bias
23 JuneCamp Cloud NativeBuilding a Remote Friendly Culture (video)
2 JuneCloud Native ePartyBuilding a Remote Friendly Culture
12 MarchLF Member Summit (event cancelled)How to See Your Own Perception Bias
FebruaryDiscoPosse Podcast appearanceEthics and Bias Challenges in ML and AI
25 JanuaryBook Launch and Signing for Transcending: A Trans Buddhist Anthology


15 NovemberSeaGLDIY Decentralization
October 3Ignite SeattleHow to See Your Own Bias (video)
28 JuneAASECT TrainingEducational Panel - perspective on queer and trans experience
1 MayOpenStack SummitAccessible ML: Combining Open Source and Open Data (video)
29 AprilML4ALL"Gaming Rigs & ML Pipelines: Getting Started with the Tools You Already Have"


28 MayML4ALLLightning Talk: "Using Open Data for Good: how LANDSAT Data Could Predict Forest Fires"
20 MayOpenStack SummitSo Many Features, So Little Time